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Steel Double Decker Bed with Polyurethane Foam Mattresses

Steel Double Decker Bed is suitable for accommodation projects with limited space, such as a dormitory. The bed frame can be disassembled for convenient transport.



Steel Double Decker Bed


Structure: Scratch-resistance high-quality steel frame

Dimension: 91 x 200 x 180 cm. (36” x 79” x 71”)

Weight: 45.5 kg.



Polyurethane Foam Mattress


Main Support Layer: Premium-quality high-density polyurethane foam

Cover Material: Grey-and-white stripe cotton fabric

Dimension: 91 x 198 x 10 cm. (36” x 78” x 4”)

Weight: 5.2 kg.

Warrantee Period
5-year Warrantee
Softness Level: 1–8. The higher the number, the softer.
Softness Level: 4
Sleepable on both sides
Sleepable on both sides
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