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Foldable Teakwood Baby Cot with Polyurethane Foam Mattress

The Baby Cot is suitable for babies up to five years of age and can be conveniently folded and moved. The teakwood has been heat-treated to eliminate all traces of fungi and mold, making it safe for babies.



Foldable Teakwood Baby Cot


Structure: Heat-treated teakwood


External dimension when folded: 18 x 127 x 112 cm. (7” x 50” x 44”)


Internal Dimension when unfolded (inner clearance): 69 x 122 x 61 cm. (27” x 48” x 24”)


External Dimension when not unfolded: 76 x 127 x 112 cm. (30” x 50” x 44”)


Weight: 28.5 kg.



Polyurethane Foam Mattress


Main Support Layer: High quality high-density polyurethane Foam


Cover Material: Soft PVC


Dimension: 69 x 122 x 8 cm. (27” x 48” x 3”)


Weight: 2 kg.

Softness Level: 1–8. The higher the number, the softer.
Softness Level: 4
Sleepable on both sides
Sleepable on both sides
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